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Words truly are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for our children's story organization! 

Libra Hicks, founder of "Our Children's Story" has been a godsend to me and my family. She works tirelessly for families who have family members with special needs and they focus on the 
health and well-being of the entire family.  "Our Children's Story" is one of the few organizations where I have witnessed the good work they do firsthand. With the support they receive, I've witnessed Miss Hicks personally delivers diapers and other Goods to my mother to help with my sister's care even after a long challenging day of carrying for her own family which includes a son with special needs. Mrs.Hick's foundation has also supplied us with valuable information as it pertains to assistance with special needs family members and Libra makes it her personal mission to boost the confidence of these mothers by offering them a "glamorous life" makeover
! She is truly phenomenal and her spectacular Foundation "Our Children's Story" is so worthy of support and recognition beyond measure. If I could sum up my experience with "Our Children's Story" organization; I'd have to say "It is a special organization filled with determination, which offers hope to special families filled with love."

My warmest regards,

Chrystale Wilson

Tonia Pearson
Dacula, Georgia

March 8, 2017

Ms. Libra Hicks
Founder of Our Children's Story

Dear. Reader,

"My name is Tonia Pearson mother of Javeon Turner. My child suffers from Spastic
Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Mild Case of Epilepsy, Auditory Neuropathy(form of deafness)
amongst other delays. Like many mothers of children with disabilities, I felt lost. I didn't have all the proper resources or all the knowledge needed to care for my child properly. My son won a lawsuit that was improperly handled and his trust didn't care about his needs. I met a wonderful woman on Facebook through a support group called Moms of Children with Disabilities. Her name is Libra Hicks the founder of Our Children's Stories. Before even meeting with Hicks in person she had already pointed me in all the right directions. She gave me resources and tools I needed to fight for my son. She gave me encouragement and let me know it's going to be alright. Due to her help my son has a great trustee. Majority of my son needs have been met. Even though Mrs.Hicks has a child of her own with a disability as well as a typical child and family of her own she always finds a way to help other families in need. I am forever grateful for all the help she has given me and my son".

Tonia Pearson

As a 61 year old single grandmother raising an 11 year old grandson with CP and epilepsy since birth most of the time I felt alone. When the hurricane came through Texas I thought the families with special needs members would need extra help I had no extra money but I did have some gtube supplies Tye no longer needed. I called everyone including Red Cross no one wanted them only money. I started searching online and found the group Our Children's Story. I contacted them and someone was sent out to pick up this equipment and some clothes. At this point, i joined the group on Facebook and got a new family. At my grandsons birthday, i asked if people felt inck
Lined they could send him a card. He got cards and also a balloon and candy delivered to our door. He was so excited
andatChristmas they had an event with
toys. I ran I to traffic issues and could not get there. To make sure I had them for Christmas morning they were delivered.  This group takes alot of that loneliness away. I feel that if I needed something I could go to them for help. This group uplifted my spirit and the spirit of others without judgement or criticism. Hope, support and positive energy is what you get.  This group is a blessing e everydayto the adults and our children. Thank you. 

Sharon Clinner

"Our Children’s Story has helped me and my family in more ways than one. Thank you would not be nearly enough praise for what Libra has done. When my child was 2 going on 3 she couldn’t express herself verbally to me. She wasn’t calling me mommy, she didn’t have ANY words in her vocabulary as she should have at the age of 2.5. She would get frustrated to the point where she would cause physical harm to herself. Running into walls on purpose, throwing things, and hitting herself. As a concerned mother I turned to Libra for help! I didn’t know what to do or what to think. What I did know is that Libra had a wealth of knowledge regarding special needs children. If she didn’t have the answer she definitely knew someone who would be able to help. With Libra’s help I was able to not only receive assistance for my child through “Babies Can’t Wait” but I was also able to get her the therapy she needed for her to be able to express herself without the frustration. I’ve learned from Libra to never take NO or your child CAN’T do something as acceptable. She pushed me and taught me the lingo, such as IEP, how to look at it, how to read it, how to get things added to it. Without her help and guidance there is no telling my daughter would be today.


It’s been a long journey and it’s still coming along, but as of present day my baby is talking more than ever. She expresses herself fully. She is currently at College Park Elementary, with special educators that she sees weekly, but she is able to be in general education classes. Per her scores she is on a level of a second semester 3rd grader and she is only a second semester 2nd grader. All of this and the work I continue to do all started with a push in the right direction from Libra and Our Children’s Story. My child has a story. A story that I’m able to share with others due to the overwhelming help from Mrs. Libra Hicks! I THANK YOU…I THANK YOU… I THANK YOU… you will always be someone special to me and my daughter Jaiden"!

Courtney Carter-Boston

 Let me first say that I thank God for the vision and talents of Libra Hicks, Founder of Our Children’s Story and Phillip Washington, CEO of YB Limited (Mobile Glam Squad), and his team. The Special Mommy Makeover collaboration was truly a blessing to me and I’m confident that it will be for other special mommies as well.

My Special Mommy Makeover was definitely a surprise. I had no idea that I had been selected for the experience. Libra and Phillip solicited the help of my love, Chris Stalling (Mr. Every day) lol (insider), my sister, and her fiancé in order to get me where I needed to be that day. I had been SCHEMEDy’all ☺. I thought I was going to one of my favorite places in the world, the fabric store, LOL. However, I ended up at the amazing Blush Couture for a much needed “Special Mommy Makeover.”

I cannot fully do justice in describing the experience. It was one of those times where you would have 
to be there for yourself to get the full effect. From the time I arrived, it was ALL ABOUT ME! Do you hear me? LOL, YES! I was treated like a queen, a celebrity even. Together we cried, laughed, and just had a wonderful time. Libra was a great hostess. Phillip blew me away with his makeup skills and the glam team styled and photographed me with true professionalism and excitement.

As a single parent of a child with special needs, I rarely, well…..more like NEVER get that dolled up. I have no clue about makeup. I’m good with just foundation, LOL. However, these people woke up something in me that had been lying dormant for many years. They woke up me, Lakisha Smith. They woke up a mommy that was drained, self-conscious, insecure, depressed, and just plain burned out. Listen, these are not complaints; however, my son is totally dependent on me. Everything that I have to do for myself I have to do for him and then some. He’s 14 years old and my joy. I would do anything for him but, as us mommies often do, I let go of myself to make sure that he was good. But, thanks to Libra and YB Limited, they made sure that I WAS GOOD. That’s something that I had failed to do myself for 14 years now.

As a result of this amazing experience, I vow to not only make sure that my son is good but, to make sure that I, myself, am GOOD. It’s a must. I have to be here on this earth as long as I can for my son. I need to be healthy and I
toloveon myself in order to “effectively” love on anyone else, including my son.

To Libra, Phillip, and his team, I THANK YOU for waking me up again. You can rest assured that I will “stay woke.” God bless you all for your selfless acts of kindness because you don’t have to do it yet, you do. I can tell it’s from the heart! Your return will be greater than you can ever imagine. I love y’all forever

LaKisha Smith

We ARE a 501(c)3 Organization

"As an only parent, I am to supply all the needs, love & comfort for my six-year-old baby girl. And I do. But sometimes it's a bit overwhelming with all the money that is going out at any given time. That's what leads me to write this to, Our Children's Story. At a time when I didn't have a diaper in my hand, "Our Children Story" donated $20 towards a box of diapers for my special daughter who has cerebral palsy, severe hearing loss, sensory issues & other challenges. I just want everyone to know how grateful I am. Thank you, Our Children Story"!!!! 

Patricia Ruckert

"I can't thank Our Children's Story organization enough for supporting families with special needs. I have followed Ms. Hicks and was very moved by her commitment to her family and greatly to the needs of the special need families out here. I soon had alot of questions about some things i was going thru with my son and felt lost and confused. I reached out and there Mrs.Hicks was with a answer plus some lol. I also was inquiring about Getting help for Thanksgiving and again this beautiful lady delivered. My family because of Our Children's Story didn't miss a beat. I am blessed to have this organization rooting for me and many other families. This is what we need more of in the community.  Thanks again Libra Hicks and Our Children's Story for just being there and bring informative".

Ms. Smothers

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I can recall the day that my children’s father left us. I am now a single mother of 3 of which my youngest was born with Down Syndrome and have recently learned he is on the Autism Spectrum. We had no idea. I must say things seemed to somewhat normal prior to having my son. Financially, employer stability, mentally, emotionally and all else you could think of. Since I have been traveling this road as a single mom of a special needs child, things got a bit more challenging. I have lost family members, associates, and even so-called friends. It wasn’t until I began following a woman on Facebook and her videos she would post. I knew then that I was not alone. Often, I felt like she was speaking to me or had been a fly on the wall in several of my daily encounters and situations. 

                 The organization is called Our Children’s story. This organization has been not only emotional support for myself and kids but also a lifeline and a blessing for me and my family. I have lost homes, employers, and again friends throughout this process. However, they are the ones who I feel listen and have been in my shoes. There was a time when we had nowhere to go, and this organization has done group chat messages and calls to ensure me and my children were not left out on the street. They have ensured that we had food (when we honestly didn’t at times), and constantly inquired of any other needs we have.  I am in no way being compensated, acknowledged, nor any extra perks to tell you how glad I am to be a recipient of this organization.
This team ensures that you are very aware that you are not alone. This team follows through and if there is anything soon I can do to support this organization and our community I will gladly do so. 

                Many do not understand nor grasp all that it takes to be called to be a special needs parent or caregiver. It truly takes a toll, and can be very demanding, and even at sometimes depressing. Since I have been involved, and in contact with its leader I know I can do this. Even on the days, I feel that I and unable to do so. I just want to thank Our Children’s story, and all the team involved with the organization and what it stands for. All our children have a story to tell despite if they can verbalize it or not. So, from my special needs son, my daughter, and myself I want to thank 
you again for being not only there for us mentally and emotionally, but also financially. I must give credit where credit is due, so thank you Our Children's Story and Libra for all you have done and are still doing. I know I am not traveling this road alone.

Dee Robinson