Our Children's Story, Inc.

We ARE a 501(c)3 Organization

Maria Crayton - EPK

MISSION- Our Children's Story mission is to uplift, inspire and educate families who care for children with (dis)Abilities. Breathing life back into the community and giving hope where hope has been lost.

VISION- Our Children’s Story, Inc. will remain authentic always.  We welcome, value and respect diversity.  Every family we assist will be done with gentle hands with the goal of giving them an unforgettable experience.  We strive for inclusiveness guided by our belief system that all things are possible.  There is no lack nor limitations that will affect the abilities we have been given.

VALUES– Our Children’s Story prides itself on fairness, honesty
, transparency, and love.  Every family we touch we will always give them fairness, honesty, transparency, and love.  We understand that each family we will not be able to assist, HOWEVER, we still treat them with honesty, transparency and love no matter the circumstance.  We have strict guidelines for how we service families to ensure fairness of services being offered by this organization.

GOALS - With every move we make, we hope to uplift one person.  This community is so desperately in need of love, stability, inclusion and genuine care.  We are working very hard to bridge this very large gap within the community.  It’s too many families going without services and assistance.

 ·        Lead families to the resource we are familiar with that can potentially give assistance.

·        Assist families with filling out applications for Waiver programs and Guardianship.

·        Hospital visits to families offering a bag of complimentary goodies that will help your stay be a bit more pleasant.

·        Events creating inclusive opportunities for the special needs community. 

·        Providing donations to families who are in need of medical supplies.  This consists of but not limited to: diapers, wipes, blenderized diet formula, feeding supplies etc.

·        Offering educational workshops that empower, uplift and inspire families with the knowledge they need to be the best advocate possible  This will consist of by not limited to:           

o   IEP

o   Financial Planning

o   Marriage support

o   Advice Line

o   Grants

Libra J. Hicks - EPK

Phillip Washington


Glam & Model Management




Our Children’s Story, Inc. is a baby organization that has big dreams of achieving the ultimate vision of bridging gaps no one is attempting to fill.  Through experience, Libra knows 1st hand what it’s like to need assistance and no one to help get the assistance. 
Libra will upgrade the systems used in making sure Our Children's Story, Inc. runs as efficiently as possible.

Through the use of social media, Libra will continue to post positivity as well as issues that are within the special needs community. This channel will help promote awareness as well as support to those who feel trapped. 

Libra will continue to insert herself in positions that will allow her opportunities to speak and discuss ways the special needs community can become more stabilized and less dependent. 

She will also visit neighboring states to help promote awareness of her organization.

We will continue our efforts will obtaining funding from government grants, donations from the public, donor and sponsorships from companies. 

We will continue to go into the inner city and conduct community service. 


Tameche "Tammy" Brown

Vice President

Pediatric Resources


Maria Crayton

Chief Financial Officer

Adult & Behavioral Health Resources


Libra J. Hicks

Founder / President

Guardianship Services


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