With every move we make, we hope to uplift one person.  This community is so desperately in need of love, stability, inclusion and genuine care.  We are working very hard to bridge this very large gap within the community.  It’s too many families going without services and assistance.

Displacement Services - assisting families who are homeless.  We will give them 1 week in a hotel with food.  The requirements to receive services will be:

  • Application for Displacement Assistance

  • ID

  • History of the child with disabilities

  • Services currently receiving

Workshops – The community needs proper education, so they can properly advocate for their children and or loved one.  These will include but not limited to:

  • IEP

  • Financial Planning

  • Waivers

  • Marriage

  • Self-Care

​Inclusion Events – We are often forgotten about when events for children are available.  Because of this, we have created yearly events and activities for families to enjoy.  We are working feverishly to promote this change and to influence others to promote inclusion.

  •  Inclusion Fashion Show

  • Mother’s Day Superhero Kickback

  • Inclusion Camp

  • Back to School Summer Jam

  • Miracle’s Bowling Night

  • Purple and Green Gala

  • Toys for Tots


Our Children’s Story, Inc. will remain authentic always.  We welcome, value and respect diversity.  Every family we assist will be done with gentle hands with the goal of giving them an unforgettable experience.  We strive for inclusiveness guided by our belief system that all things are possible.  There is no lack nor limitations that will affect the abilities we have been given.


Our Children's Story mission is to uplift, inspire and educate families who care for children with (dis)Abilities. Breathing life back into the community and giving hope where hope has been lost.

Phillip Washington



Our Children’s Story, Inc. is a baby organization that has big dreams of achieving the ultimate vision of bridging gaps no one is attempting to fill.  Through experience, Libra knows 1st hand what it’s like to need assistance and no one to help get the assistance. 
Vending Opportunities – will give those who are not aware of OCS existence knowledge about what we offer.  We want to target events that are out of the box to surround ourselves with those who are in typical environments.
Speaking Opportunities – will give other’s a chance to understand the drive that is behind OCS.  This will help OCS gain trust from the community and those we desire to partner with.
Vlogging – will give families a point of reference for generalized questions they may have about this unique journey.  We will tackle questions such as, but not limited to:

  • Self-Care

  • Hygiene Products

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Coping

Blogging – will help bring more awareness to the special needs community.  The more people know about this community and the misperception of what really goes on, the better chance we have and building a more stable, thriving, fruitful community.

Paid Advertising– will give us the reach we need to those who typically wouldn’t read or be on social media.  We can also reach those who are on social media, however, they aren’t following OCS.  (It takes money to make money)
Social Media – will help in reaching families who feel they aren’t able to leave their homes to attend events and or workshops.  This will help us also reach a wider range of people all over the world, exchange ideas, create new partnerships so that cross-promoting can happen. 

Funding -  we will continue to solicit donations from the public as well as through grant opportunities.  We are also looking to continue building relationships in order to gain access to corporate donors and sponsorships.

Tameche "Tammy" Brown

Vice President

Maria Crayton

Chief Financial Officer

Libra J. Hicks

Founder / President

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Our Children's Story, Inc.

We ARE a 501(c)3 Organization

Helping families who care for loveone's with special needs find resources.