Tameche "Tammy" Brown - Chairman


Tameche aka "Tammy " Brown hails from St Petersburg FL. She is married to her rock and love of her life Paul Brown. She the proud mother to  Miracle brown (her special angel)and stepmom to Dion and Delvona Brown.

In 2008  she was hit head-on by a driver who came over into her lane while she was six months pregnant. After this accident, she was immediately thrust into the arena of special needs. For over 9years she has advocated for not only her own child but any special needs family needing help. She holds a passion for her special angels and believes no one should be discounted just because they have a disability.

Currently, she serves as a parent coordinator for FOCUS 5 and under, parent volunteer for Parent to Parent of Georgia.

Previously she also served on GACHI(Georgia Council for hard of hearing) 

Educationally She completed her BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) & BA(Bachelor of Arts at FAMU. She also holds an MFA(Masters of Fine Arts) from University of IL-Champaign -Urbana

She's very excited to serve on Our Children's Story Board and can't wait to make a difference L.

Maria Crayton - Treasurer 


​My name is Maria Crayton.  I am a Mississippi native who moved to Georgia to pursue further education with plans to conduct research in the field of Mental Health.  I completed my Master's degree in Professional Counseling and was immediately led to working with children with special needs.  This path motivated me to seek a second Master's degree in the field of Special Education.  I have had the opportunity of working with so many wonderful people in the special needs community, from babies to the elderly.  The journey that GOD has placed me on has allowed me to be a teacher, counselor and advocate in this wonderful community and I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything.

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Tonya Charles - Vice Chair


Tonya Charles is a veteran of the special needs community. She has worked to be an advocate for all who are differently-abled with a focus on the autism community. She is a mother to four amazing children, including an 18-year-old with Aspergers and ADHD. Her wonderful husband is also a Special Education teacher of 10 years. She has joined OCS team to continue her efforts in making a difference in the special needs community.  Tonya also pushes for equal services and treatment for those who can't always fight for themselves.

Libra J. Hicks - Founder / President 


Libra J. Hicks was born to Jane and Rodney Smith in February of 1981. Like her father, Libra adopted a love for music. As a child, she loved to sing and learn about writing and producing music. She grew up with a dream to become a professional singer and tour the world entertaining others.
At the age of 24 years old, Libra got pregnant and gave birth to Anthony Jr. aka Moo. Libra’s pregnancy was great, no complications to slow her down. On December 15th, 2005, Anthony Jr. was born. He stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks due to having lack of oxygen to the brain. Because both mother and son experienced a very traumatic birthing experience, Anthony was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and a host of other health challenges. In 2010, Libra founded “Our Children’s Story” in honor of her son Anthony Jr. Her organization assists families who care for love one’s with (dis)Abilities. Libra can relate to all mothers’ who are raising children or caring for an adult with (dis)Abilities. No matter the diagnosis, the feelings are the same across the board.
Libra is very dedicated to everything that she becomes a part of. Her love and passion for the special needs community is indescribable. She works very hard for not only her son but, the entire special needs community. Libra tries her absolute best to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire other families that are just like her’s.

Tonia Pearson Booth - Secretary 


 Tonia Pearson Booth, born in Brooklyn N.Y. in 1979. She became a teen mom at the age of 16.  Although she was a young mom she didn't let that deter her dreams. Tonia completed high school and became a Para-Professional for the NYC Board of Education. At the age of 22, she became a mother to her second child.  In 2004 at the age of 25, she became pregnant with her 3rd child. Having a normal pregnancy she thought everything would be fine when she went to the hospital at 32 weeks to have her angel Javeon. Even though Javeon was underweight, weighing only 4lbs, he seemed like a healthy little boy scoring a 9.9 on his abscar.  A week after his birth, Javeon was diagnosed with jaundice. His levels had reached an all-time high causing his little body to shut down. He had to be intubated and transferred to another hospital for a blood interchange. This is the moment that would change our lives and the special needs parenting journey began.  Tonia was asked if she wanted to take Javeon home because he would not have a normal life.  After 4 weeks of being hospitalized, she took Javeon home not really knowing what our journey was going to be ahead of her.

At 7months old Javeon was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy. She was told due to all his problems he had a short life expectancy, however, she knew that whatever he faced we would face together. Due to her son's challenges, she lost her job which eventually led to her losing her home. During that tough time,  Javeon's will to live showed Tonia that no matter what life throws at you,  you will get through it. In 2010 Tonia got married and relocated to GA. She decided to go back to school and get her degree in nursing. She made this decision solely on the basis of Javeon's diagnosis. She wanted and needed to learn as much as she could to care for her son and his needs. Even though her journey hasn't always been easy it's been worth the fight.

"The reason I wanted to be apart of Our Children's Story is that we all share the same passion for our Special Babies. We want parents to obtain the information we fought so hard to find out on our own. The recent loss of my husband has sent my life in a whirl spin. But I will not give up, Javeon has taught me that's not an option". 

            Chef Anthony D. Hicks Sr. - Vice President


Chef  Anthony, husband to Libra J. Hicks spends his time as an established chef working for Trina Braxton of Barchix and running his own catering company called AJ's Catering.  Chef Anthony has over 20yrs experience in the Food and Beverage industry. 

Chef Anthony feels that food is one of many ways to bring about inclusion in the community.