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Inclusion for Kids is a 1-week camp geared to teach children through the act of play how to love each other no matter the difference. We too often teach children how to separate themselves from others' that aren't in alignment with how we typically live. 

This camp will build more compassion, understanding, acceptance, love, and connection between children who are typical and special needs. 

Each day at camp will be a different theme that will ultimately build a show that family will be invited to at the end of the week. Children will leave with a gift bags filled with things they created while at camp. summer activities summer school

For children with special needs attending, we will have fully trained volunteers to ensure your child will be in the best of care. We will require medical forms in conjunction with the camp registration that will need to be completed by your child's pediatrician prior to coming to camp. This will help us have a clear understanding of how to help your child if a medical emergency arises. 

Camp will be held each year in July for 1 week for 4 hrs. 

Ages 10-13 years old

July 16th - 20th 

10am - 1pm 

1530 DeKalb Avenue 

Suite A

Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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