What does OCS stand for? - OCS stands for Our Children's Story.

What is OCS? - OCS is an up and coming 501c3 that strive to help families find resources for their loved ones with special needs.

Does OCS pocket any of the donations received? -  Funds are used to help run the organization overhead as well as create programs and outings at no cost to families.

Does OCS have any partnerships? - Currently, OCS partners with Yblimited, Goldfire Chefs, AJ's Catering, Greenlite PR andThe Holiday Firm.

How long has OCS been a functional organization? - OCS has been established since 2010.

Will OCS provide any workshops and any other events for the special needs community? - Yes, OCS will be launching workshops as well as support groups.

Does OCS host any fundraiser events? - Yes, OCS has a host of events to raise funds. Please look under the "What We're Doing Tab and see a list of events.

Will OCS consider any partnerships? - Yes

Will OCS entertain speaking engagements? - Yes

Does OCS have any current sponsors and or supporters? - Yes 

Can anyone volunteer with OCS? - Yes as long as background check comes back clean.

Is OCS working on obtaining a 501c3? - Yes, OCS has had it's 501c3 since Nov 7th, 2017.

If I need personalized one on one assistance will OCS provide that? - Yes, rates are based on a sliding scale.

Will OCS attend an IEP meeting? - Not at this current time. Please look under Legal and Advocacy services for assistance.

Can Anyone Register for the Special Mommy Makeover? - Yes, mom's can nominate themselves or someone can nominate you. 

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Our Children's Story, Inc.

We ARE a 501(c)3 Organization